Spreadable Salami from Marche region – Pierini Carni

350 gr – 750 gr


Spreadable Salami from Marche region – Pierini Carni
High quality zero km product. The Spreadable Salami from Marche region – Pierini Carni is produced in Recanati, in the province of Macerata, right where the WeMarche Shop is located.

The Spreadable Salami from Marche is a particular and unique salami. It is produced exclusively in the Marche region.
It stands out from all other cured meat thanks to its main feature, namely softness. This makes it a spreadable salami.

The cured meat, in this case we are talking about the Spreadable Salami, are produced exclusively from pigs reared as in the past by the owners using various cereals as food including barley, corn, soy. Grown and packaged without the addition of preservatives and dyes, as was done in our homes in ancient times.

Ideal as an aperitif. To be served on a platter of cold cuts and cheeses with bruschetta and bread with extra virgin olive oil. Appreciated and appreciated also in combination with a stuffed focaccia. Furthermore, excellent with the Paccasassi of the Conero Riviera creating a particular but really tasty and delicious flavor.

Typical and excellence of the Marche region.

350 gr – 750 gr


350 gr, 750 gr


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