RUNE 2019 Marche Rosso IGT – Piantate Lunghe

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RUNE 2019 Marche Rosso IGT – Piantate Lunghe
Runes are diviners of the Celtic people. They are 25 and each has a meaning that can be interpreted by those who “divine” in a positive or negative way. The Rune n°5 has an “R” as a symbol and a meaning in its positive verse of “success of an experiment” or “strong will to pursue a goal”: nothing more true for RUNE 2019 Marche Rosso IGT – Piantate Lunghe!

They told us that with the winter pruning done in late April with shoots already over 20 cm long, the plants would not produce and indeed would risk dying, instead they survived producing a little less but with smaller, healthier and better bunches quality.
We were told that making wine alone made no sense, but the cocciopesto (a kind of amphora made of pressed and uncooked rock) made that grape gradually turn into RUNE.

The season, the part of the vineyard chosen and the first use of cocciopesto contributed greatly to the success of this experiment. We will continue to try using other areas of the vineyard hoping to have the same result, perhaps with slightly different characteristics due to the different soil.
We are very happy with the result and we hope that those who drink RUNE 2019 will share our enthusiasm.

Production area
Vigna degli Angeli, on the slopes of Monte Conero in the DOC area of ​​Rosso Conero.

Montepulciano 100%

Multi-clonal system of 4650 plants per hectare, trained with simple and double spurred cordon.
Calcareous-clayey soil typical of Monte Conero at a height of about 350 meters. above sea level.
Exposed to the South and at about 2000 meters. from the sea.

Pruning in late April with shoots already 25 cm long.
Low production but with small and very healthy bunches. Harvest November 8th.
Vinification and fermentation with whole bunches in Cocciopesto.
Aging always in Cocciopesto for over a year, then in concrete tanks until bottling in May 2021, a wine that will be present in our catalog only in the years in which this practice will give equivalent results.

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13%
Sugar: >4
Total acidity: 5.32
Volatile acidity: 0.47
Total sulfur dioxide: 103

Bottles produced
1,793 of 0.75 l

The wines produced by the Piantate Lunghe Company are based on Montepulciano, a very widespread grape variety in Italy but which, depending on the areas in which it is grown and often also within the same area, transmits different aromas and sensations to the wines.

In our case, the proximity to the sea, 1.5 km as the crow flies, the height of the vineyard, 350 meters above sea level and the extremely calcareous soil, typical of Monte Conero, transmit to the product unique mineral and aromatic notes that combine to our typical Mediterranean climate, with sunny and dry summers and suitably cold winters, give the product that structure and body that together with the notes of ripe red fruit typical of the grape make Conero wines and our wines a product that gives pleasant sensations if drunk after only two and three years and that if drunk after even 10 / 12 years in addition to those transmit sensations of maturity, harmony, velvety, as only the great and most noble wines can convey.

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