Panettone with Figs and Walnuts Il Biroccio

600 gr – 900 gr



Panettone with Figs and Walnuts Il Biroccio
The goodness of tradition. The authenticity of the work done by hand.
The Panettone with Figs and Walnuts Il Biroccio is a source of pride for the Cooperative as it represents an artisan product made with care by the exceptional pastry chefs using first choice products and without adding preservatives.

Ingredients: type “0” soft wheat flour, sugar, butter, pasteurized egg yolk, honey, natural yeast, salt, skimmed milk powder, dextrose, natural orange, lemon and vanilla flavoring.
Stuffing: dried figs 14%, shelled walnuts 10%.
Icing: egg white, sugar, rice flour, kernels, modified starch, shelled walnuts.

Artisan quality confectionery product in a laboratory that uses cereal flours, eggs, milk, nuts, soy and sesame.

Varieties: Classic, Chocolate, Raisin, Figs and walnuts, Chocolate and pears

Package of 600 gr and 900 gr

The Cooperative founded in 1970 currently has 483 members located mainly in the municipality of Filottrano and in the neighboring municipalities, its main activity is in the Agri-food sector, where it produces, transforms and markets its own agricultural products and those of the members.

Nutritional declaration Average values ​​per 100 gr:
Energy value: Kj 1543 / Kcal 369
Fat: 13.1 gr of which saturated fatty acids: 5.5 gr
Carbohydrates: 54.2 gr of which sugars: 24.1 gr
Proteins: 6.4 gr
Salt: 0.5 gr


600 gr, 900 gr


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