Il Palazzo Reserve Rosso Conero Piantate Lunghe

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Il Palazzo Reserve Rosso Conero Piantate Lunghe
Rosso Conero, a great passion.
Il Palazzo Reserve Rosso Conero Piantate Lunghe is a red wine made from Montepulciano grapes coming from the “degli angeli” vineyard on the slopes of Monte Conero, near Ancona. It is dressed in intense ruby ​​red and furrowed by light purple hues and expresses aromas of currant, fresh cherries and light balsamic hints of eucalyptus to the nose while the taste is fresh and smooth, with excellent sapidity and aromatic persistence.
The pungent tannicity, which is felt if consumed within the first year, shifts to a pleasant softness with the passage of time. Structured and full-bodied, our Rosso Conero is notable for its initial fruitiness that turns the fruit, almost jam, with the passing of years.

Awards and acknowledgements: The Marche in the glass 2016.

Oxtail ravioli, eggplant caviar and candied tomato accompanied by Reserve il Palazzo.

Il Palazzo Reserve Rosso Conero Piantate Lunghe in brief:
Ruby red color
Aging in vitrified concrete and steel tanks
Ideal temperature 16-18 ° C
Hints of currant, fresh cherries and light balsamic hints of eucalyptus
Montepulciano grape in 100% purity
Alcohol 14% VOL

Production area
Vigna degli Angeli, on the slopes of Monte Conero in the DOCG area of ​​Rosso Conero.

Montepulciano 100%

Multiclonal plant of 4650 plants per hectare bred with simple and double spurred cordon on a calcareous-clayey soil typical of Monte Conero at a height of about 350 meters. Above sea level facing south and about 2000 meters above sea level. from the sea.

Harvested by hand and in crates, the grapes are pressed, de-stemmed and fermented for a very few days, 3 or 4; After a short passage in a concrete tank, the finished malolactic wine was placed in second passage barriques where it remained for 16 months and then moved to concrete tanks for another 3 months and then bottled in September 2019.

Analytical data
Alcohol% Vol 14.34
Dry extract g / lt 34.60
Sugars g / lt 1.8
Non-reducing extract g / lt 32.80
Total acidity g / lt 4.85
Volatile Acidity g / lt 0,58
Total Sulfur Dioxide mg / lt 73

Bottles produced
6.945 of 0.75 Lt

The wines produced by the Piantate Lunghe’s Company are based on Montepulciano, a very widespread grape variety in Italy but which, depending on the areas in which it is grown and often also within the same area, transmits different aromas and sensations to the wines.

In our case, the proximity to the sea, 1.5 km as the crow flies, the height of the vineyard, 350 meters above sea level and the extremely calcareous soil, typical of Monte Conero, transmit to the product unique mineral and aromatic notes that combine to our typical Mediterranean climate, with sunny and dry summers and suitably cold winters, give the product that structure and body that together with the notes of ripe red fruit typical of the grape make Conero wines and our wines a product that gives pleasant sensations if drunk after only two and three years and that if drunk after even 10 / 12 years in addition to those transmit sensations of maturity, harmony, velvety, as only the great and most noble wines can convey.

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