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Local Producer from Marche Region

Are you a local producer?

We Marche is an entirely Marche reality, based in Recanati, which collects the typical products of this wonderful land. Our mission is to bring high quality products to the table of all Italians; freshness, genuineness and the choice of raw materials are the values ​​we intend to protect.

Thanks to our e-commerce site, we aim to make ourselves known not only in the Marche region, but also in other regions because, of course, our territory has really many excellence, which deserve to be appreciated by everyone. Cheeses, cured meats, honey, oils, sauces, jams, desserts and renowned labels – all Made in Marche – enrich the wide range of our shop online.

For you, a local producer from the Marche region, this is an excellent opportunity to let an ever-growing audience discover your fine products. Our offer differs from the others, because we offer, to those who visit our site and to our regular customers, new perspectives through which to discover the Marche, also telling the history, the territory and the traditions of our land.

In this way, customer loyalty is transformed from a simple purchase of a niche product to an all-round experience, which allows them to understand the uniqueness of what they can enjoy by choosing our products… your products! This multi-sensory experience will ensure that your typical Marche products are even more appreciated and understood, because “you only love what you know” and this will translate, even for you, into a strengthening of your product, which can thus be discovered and repurchased. with greater confidence and awareness.

If you want to know more, contact us now: we will be happy to meet you and your products, to start a new path of mutual growth together.

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