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WeMarche project

A horizonwhere the edge of the sea merges with the beginning of the sky, an endlessseries of soft, green hills, a land where tradition and authenticity are still current values: you can find all this in Le Marche, in Recanati, native village of Giacomo Leopardi, great poet and prose writer known throughout the world, and landof Beniamino Gigli, worldwide renowned tenor.

And in the heart of this village, in the Square that has the name of the great poet, stands the reality of We Marche, a project born from the idea of a team of professionals who are enthusiastic about the Marche region, and that they have the dream of making the Marche region known and the productsof this beautiful land. in Italy and worldwide.

The fundamental valueson which We Marche was founded are those of sharingand aggregation, without forgetting its roots in its own land and its loyalty to quality.
Nowmore than ever, that is important and relevant: in a time when is difficult to be close to each other, if not sometimes impossible, we need to follow other paths in order to find each other again.

A gesture, a small thought, such as bringing on table some delicacies to enjoy with your loved ones, or donating a valuable handmade object, can be the right idea to get in touch or to express, even apart, your affection for those dear to you.
At the same time, you will be supporting the chain of small local producers who offer the excellences and typicalities of Marcheregion, and helping them to keep their businesses alive.

We Marche will make sure that the typical products and highly selected handmade products you have chosen to be gifted (or to be gifted to yourself) arrive comfortably at your home or to the receiver of your welcome gift, in order to have Le Marche and the products of its precious lands always at your fingertips.

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Our supply

LeMarche is the only region in the plural form: it is about a multi-sided reality, rich of history and traditions which interwine each other and that gave birth to a kaleidoscope of tastes.

We Marche aims to identify the region’s vast selection of typical products, discovering the micro-producers of Marche’s food and wine, wellness and craftsmanship and selecting them carefully so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Our goal is to contribute to the growth of an area that has so many things to offer: with us, you can discover all the goodness of typical cured meats and cheeses, high quality oils, special or traditional sauces, pastries, jams and renowned local brands.

But we haven’t finished yet: here you will also find products related to wellness and beauty, for a multisensorial Marche experience!

We want to share with you our flavours, colours and fragrances, by delighting and surprising you with new and appetising proposals.

What will never change, however, will be our care on quality: every product we select is carefully chosen after checking the raw materials and origin.